Curacao Island: Your Complete Guide to Resorts, Car Rentals, Diving, Villas & Banks

The Curacao Island

The Curacao Island is your complete guide to resorts, car rentals, diving, villas & banks. Find out insiders tips about the island of Curacao on the #1 user reviewed website about vacations in Curacao.

The Curacao Island

Blue Curacao is the Ideal Caribbean Destination

The Curacao Island welcomes you or as the locals like to say: Bon bini to website. This is a website entirely dedicated to bringing you the most up to date information about Curacao. Curacao is a 444 square kilometers paradise in the Caribbean. It is locally known as Korsou. Before you arrive in Willemstad, no matter which Curacao hotels you are considering , you will find out all about Curacao at Keep up to date with the latest news in Curacao. Just follow this link to our Curacao of Curacao page for your complete tourism guide.

Read Our User Reviews on Curacao All-Inclusive Resorts

Before flying into Curacao, read our independent reviews on all inclusive beach resorts, hotels, car rental deals, banks and luxury villas for your vacations. Curacao has very central hotels like the Marriott Renaissance, a hotel in the center of town by the harbor, or Breezes Curacao, a very popular resort by the beach side. The island also offers a myriad of popular places where you can relax while minding price and budget. Check our list of Curacao Resort Reviews to find the perfect all inclusive formula to experience blue Curacao’s pristine waters.

Find the Cheapest Car Rental Companies

While there are some opportunities for public transportation on the island, and even though you will come across a lot of bikers on the roads, if you want an in-depth view of this Caribbean paradise, you will need to rent a car. Curacao has numerous options when it comes to car rentals, from local outfits to well-known franchises. To find out which company will offer you the best choice that will fit your budget, from Jeep to SUV, read our user Reviews on Car Rental in Curacao.

Discover the Best Scuba Dives around the Island of Curacao

The turquoise waters that surround our island have long been a playground of predilection for many Caribbean divers. No matter that you may embark on your first underwater journey towards a PADI certification, or that you may be an experienced advanced scuba master diver, you will want to know which are the reviewed Best Scuba Dives in Curacao.

Rent a Villa on a Caribbean Island

If you are considering Curacao for more than just your next vacation and you are looking instead at a future business opportunity in real estate, then head over to our page on Curacao villas. The luxury properties are either for rent or for sale. Regardless of the purpose and before you start consulting travel agents, you can already find at the most up to date reviews on car rental companies, investment banks, all inclusive resorts, villas.

Opportunities for Offshore Banking, Offshore IT and Investment into one of Curacao Banks

After you land in Hato, perhaps even with the local airline Insel Air, relax on Curacao Mambo beach a short distance from the Sea Aquarium or in Kura Holanda with a cocktail or a Curacao drink. If like us you fell in love with Curacao, you may quickly be looking into opening an offshore bank account in one of Curacao banks in the Caribbean. For this too, TheCuracaoIsland is your ultimate guide to Curacao.

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