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Curacao Guide

La Curacao Super Store

La Curacao Super Store in Willemstad

La Curacao is a Curacao based retail shop for electronics, home furnishings, entertainment, gifts, services and much more. A distributor, wholesaler, La Curacao has multiple locations throughout the island.

Arke Dreamliner to Curacao

Arke Dreamliner Flights to Curacao

Starting from July 2014, Arke will fly with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Arke is the first Dutch airline company that will fly with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Curacao. The airline will equip itself with three Boeing 787 Dreamliners, which will fly to Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire.

Curacao News

3 Top IT Outsourcing Providers For Managed Services

IT infrastructure outsourcing is a global trend which presents many advantages for business owners. By choosing IT outsourcing providers with proper certifications, the financial burden of an expensive IT infrastructure can be avoided. IT outsourcing costs are balanced by the reduction of infrastructure but also maintenance. Additionally, managed IT services also provide greater peace of mind with their reliance on cloud backups. Three IT companies are offering their IT services in the Caribbean region: Digicel, CBS and LIME.

Financial Trust Curacao

Trust Curacao

Trust Curacao, a legal entity providing fiduciary services from a grantor to a trustee can be set up in Curacao via trust companies. Equity or corporate trust services are mostly established towards tax benefits. A fundamental fiduciary service of a trust managed by a trust service company is to help you attain assets protection.

Breezes Curacao Resort

Breezes Curacao Resort Review

The all inclusive resort is set up on 1500 feet of pure white sand, by blue waters that have attracted Scuba divers from around the world. Although the island is located just off the coast of South America, it remains a largely undiscovered paradise in the Caribbean. With this holiday package, almost everything you can eat, drink and do is included, which makes Breezes Curacao an ideal destination for your family vacation. Keep your children excited, while you enjoy some excitement of your own at the largest casino in Curaçao, located right on the premises of the hotel.

Playa Kalki Dive Curacao

Scuba Dive Playa Kalki

Dive Playa Kalki, a sheltered cove, a great location for a Curacao scuba dive. It is considered one of Curacao’s best dive sites. This Curacao dive offers some unusual underwater scenery. The bottom slopes gradually and from 30 feet. It gives the impression of rolling hills that are covered in coral.

Dive Cas Abao Curacao

Scuba Dive Cas Abao

Dive Cas Abao, a site features rich marine life near to the shore. Cas Abao is also one of the best Curacao snorkeling experiences. Cas Abao diving site features a shallow shelf near to the shore with a drop-0ff at about 30 feet which falls off sharply to sand below 130 feet.

Porto Mari Dive Curacao

Scuba Dive Porto Mari

Scuba dive Porto Mari Curacao, one of the top dive sites on the island. Two reefs are home to wide varieties of fish. Review Porto Mari. Dive operators moor at the buoy in the center of the bay, 30 ft above the diving site. Swimming straight out will take you over the first reef at 50 feet, then crossing the sandy valley leads to the second reef at about 60 feet.

Best Scuba Dive in Curacao

Scuba Dive Curacao Mushroom Forest

Dive Curacao Mushroom Forest, so called because of the many coral heads stemming from the complex sea floor. One of Curacao’s top dives, divers consistently vote his site as the best in Curacao but do compare it with others if you can.