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Best Scuba Dives in Curacao

Diving Curacao in the Best Scuba Locations

All the major islands offer diving trips, lessons, and equipment, but your top pick should be Curacao. The highly accessible reefs that surround Curacao are pristine, and the island’s diving industry ensures they will remain that way. Created from volcanic eruptions, the island is an underwater mountain, with fringe reefs right off the beach of every hotel on any part of the island.

The best scuba dives in Curacao are reviewed here by divers. Curacao and its sister island Bonaire are treasures Carribean scuba diving vacations. If you are looking for a guide to beach shore and boat dives, you have come to the right place.

Our users have ranked some of the top dives on the island so you can chose. Read their reviews and comments for maximum visibility. Compare diving outfits on the island to pick the best operator and enjoy your diving vacation.

Best Scuba Dives in Curacao

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