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BlueSkies Car Rental – Review

Blueskies Car Rental



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Daily rate

You can hire a car at Blueskies from US$ 37 per day

Long term rates

Weekly rate is US$ 199 Monthly rate is US$ 695


Type of car

Hyundai Getz Small sedan 5 doors Automatic

Cars in the fleet

10 cars


All risk insurance included in all rentals


Minimum age to rent a car

24 years old

Credit card

Only required when reserving a car by email


Airport or hotel pickups and drop-off

Available for an extra US$ 20. This is the ideal mode of transportation to if you are staying in a hotel.

Child seats

Child seats are available for all ages

Extensions and early returns

Extension on rental

Extensions are charged for the extra rental days

Early return

No charge for unused days unless the price was based on longer lease (in this scenario the normal fee applies without the discount for a longer lease).


Motetwerf w/n
+5999 416-0466
[email protected]


10% discount vouchers are available in our cars. Simply write your name and signature on the voucher and offer these vouchers to any tourist. When a tourist presents your voucher for a BlueSkies helicopter sightseeing flight, you receive a 10% commission based on the price of the helicopter tour (prices are available on our website). For example: For every 30 minute flight we deduct US$ 60 from your bill. Hence, four sold flights is equivalent to a fee of a whole week’s car rental. If your commission is higher than the car rental, the difference will be paid in cash.


BlueSkies 10% Voucher

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4 thoughts on “BlueSkies Car Rental – Review”

  1. Thanks for the information, bookmarked your page for updates :)

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    1. You are very welcome. Be sure to bookmark the homepage itself for the most up to date information on Curacao.

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  2. I rarely get the insurance cover any time I rent a car.They will say to you tales concerning how a client’s auto insurance or bank card was unsuccessful to cover damages during a current collision. The majority of folks don’t recognize that his or her home vehicle insurance coverage may include rentals also.

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    1. That is very true. My own credit card offers me insurance on car rentals too.

      We had once a small issue with a cheap car rented in Curacao and this is where dealing with a small car for rent outfit made a difference. We were able to negotiate the price of repairs with them, and it cost us less than the contract stipulated.

      I don’t think a large global company renting cars with worldwide outposts would have been as flexible with this.

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