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Curacao Weather Forecast Netherlands Antilles (Willemstaad)

Curacao island sunset weather

The weather is always idyllic in Curacao. In this article you will find the weather for the day, the 5-day weather forecast, the wind forecast and a description of the seasons in this part of the Caribbeans.

Curacao island sunset weather

Curacao Weather today

Weather in Celsius

Weather in Fahrenheit

The average daytime temperature in Curacao is 32 degrees Celsius or 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

Caribbean weather forecast for Curacao

Curacao weather forecast in Fahrenheit

The sea temperature averages 27 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit for ideal diving conditions.

Wind forecast for fishing, sailing, windsurfing and surfing

Tropical climate throughout the year

It is no surprise that the weather in Curacao of Curacao is perfect beach weather. What may be surprising are the seasonal changes across the year. If you ask the locals, you will discover that the hottest season is from August until October after which some occasional rains announce the rainy season. The temperature will only fluctuate a few degrees but the relief will be great as the island prepares itself for Carnival when the weather is traditionally flawless. After the traditional festivities of Carnival, kites fly high during the windy season. This also coincides with excellent surfing weather of course. The dry season takes its toll on the vegetation from April onto the summer months.

However it is essential to understand that all these fluctuations are minimal and will probably go unnoticed to the unique visitor. No matter when you come, the island is always basked in a perfect paradise weather. A special mention goes to sailors and windsurfers as the constant north-east winds turn the south-western bays into fantastic playgrounds for the temerous minds.

By now, all these reasons should have convinced you of why you should buy an early ticket to Curacao.

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