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First Curacao International Bank

First Curacao International Bank

First Curacao International Bank

First Curacao

As a result of several criminal investigations in relation to alleged VAT fraud involving a large number of customers, and subsequent attachments on funds FCIB has come into a position in which it no longer is able to process payments, also because a number of correspondent banks have terminated their relationships with FCIB. The First Curaçao Bank was closed down by the Dutch in 2006 and is suspected by Dutch and British authorities of having run banking services which allowed criminals to siphon billions of dollars out of European treasuries via carousel fraud. Read the Guardian article.

Central Bank Oversight

The emergency measure includes that the powers of management and supervisory directors of FCIB now exclusively rest with the Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen. The Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen will do its utmost to as soon as possible return the funds to the creditors, after a thorough investigation has been completed.

Bank License of First Curacao

On October 9, 2006, the Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, further in this article referred to as the Bank, revoked the license of First Curaçao International Bank NV established in the Netherlands Antilles to operate as a credit institution. Subsequently, the Bank requested the Court of First Instance in the interest of the FCIB’s accountholders to subject FCIB to the emergency measure. The Court honored the request and pronounced the emergency measure on the same day. The measure has authorized the Bank, to the exclusion of any other party, to perform all the powers of FCIB’s managing and supervisory directors and to subsequently unwind FCIB as a banking institution.

Code Wire Transfer

In view of a court ruling in Curaçao of February 16, 2007, First Curaçao International Bank has prepared a procedure for closing accounts and making payments of account balances. All clients need to fully satisfy requirements.

Contact First Curacao Bank

Note that no telephone calls will be accepted either at the Central Bank or at the offices of First Curacao International Bank N.V. In order to receive any information on the status of your transfer or for any other information related to your account, you should send an e-mail to [email protected].

Your inquiry will be investigated by the appropriate staff and replied to by e-mail within two business days.

Main Office

Kaya W.F.G. (JOMBI) Mensing 18, Zeelandia
P.O.Box 299
Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
(+5999) 465-0100
(+5999) 465-0018
[email protected]

Shareholding Interest

Permanent has acquired the entire shareholding interest of First Curacao International Bank N.V.

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