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Island of Curacao

Discover the Best of the Islands of the Caribbean

Curaçao has a unique and diverse island offering safety, eco-friendly environment, and distinctive attractions that will make it the most sought-after Caribbean destination by the year 2020.

Curacao Logo

The picture of the Curacao logo is used on all expressions aimed at promoting Curacao tourism in the broadest sense. It consists of a dark blue bar with white letters forming the word Curacao. The inside of the first letter ‘A’ is colored yellow, the second letter ‘A’ is red colored. The second letter ‘C ‘is called a cedilla, the ‘curl’under the ‘C’ is colored blue. The letter ‘O ‘ is a sun with rays. It symbolizes the open, friendly and sunny nature of the the island and the location in the Caribbean. The rays of the sun are yellow and orange. The beams run across the edge of the blue light beam.

Island of Curacao Travel Guide

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Travel Info Glossary

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