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Scuba Dive Curacao Mushroom Forest

Best Scuba Dive in Curacao

Diving Curacao Mushroom Forest

One of Curacao’s top dives, the Mushroom Forest was so named because of the many large coral heads of mountainous star coral that have been eroded at their base to resemble mushrooms. Divers consistently vote his site as the best in Curacao but do compare it with others if you can.

Dive Curacao Mushroom Forest, a diverse site for which you need to take time and have a good look in all the cracks and crannies. The coral heads are a riot of color: anemones, flower and brain corals, lobsters, moray eels, conchs, trunk fish, porcupine puffer fish, are just a few of the animals to be found.

There is a dive buoy that guides you to the diving site. The Mushroom Forest is a little beyond the buoy, while the Blue Room is a cave directly inshore from it. The Blue Room cave is only 20 feet deep with a huge entrance.

Tips for your Scuba Diving Trip

The sea floor is complex and the coral heads look similar and disorientating so take your compass or a local dive guide.

This is not a shore dive but you may contact Captain Good Life from Santa Cruz for an epic boat ride.

This dive is located on the Northwest coast, southwest of Santa Cruz, at the point south of Santu Pretu.

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