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Scuba Dive Playa Kalki

Playa Kalki Dive Curacao

Curacao Diving: Playa Kalki

This Curacao scuba dive is also known as Alice in Wonderland. Playa Kalki is at a sheltered cove, a great location for a day at the beach. It is considered one of Curacao’s best dive sites. Entry to this diving location is easy as there are steps descending to the beach; you then duck under the buoys on your way out down a gentle slope.

This Curacao dive offers some unusual underwater scenery. The bottom slopes gradually and from 30 feet. It gives the impression of rolling hills that are covered in coral. At about 60 feet towards the center of the cove there are gorgonians and mounds of star coral. Below 100 feet there are large sheets of plate coral. While there are less fish than in some other dive spots, hawksbill turtles can often be seen.

Tips for your Scuba Dive Trip

At Playa Kalki you can find a diving operator which will rent you scuba gear.

Snorkeling is also available from Playa Kalki.

This diving spot is available by shore or through the services of a dive shop by boat. It is located on the Northwest coast, off Westpunt, below the Kura Hulanda resort.

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  1. Watamala, watamala, watamala it have been diving curaçao for years as well as many other islands and the reef at watamala is one of the most spectacular reefs I have dived in my 35 years of diving.

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    1. Where exactly is Watamala? I’m not sure if I have dived there before.

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