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Scuba Diving Curacao

Scuba Diving the Shores of a Top Travel Destination: Curacao

Scuba Diving the Shores of a Top Travel Destination: Curacao

Scuba diving Curacao should no doubt be on your bucket list. As active travelers look to book their 2011 adventures, scuba diving destinations continue to rate high on the list of “must-visit” places. The opportunity to explore new surroundings, take vivid underwater photos and interact with a variety of marine life are just some of the experiences that appeal to today’s recreational scuba enthusiast.

In addition to traditional destinations including the Florida Keys and the Caribbean, dive travel professionals have outlined several other destinations that scuba travelers might want to consider when booking a trip this year.

Curacao: Top Scuba Diving Travel Destination

An island nation just off of the coast of Venezuela, Curacao has long been in the shadow of its sister islands Bonaire and Aruba. The country’s uniquely “dutch” flavor provides exceptional topside appeal, but the scuba diving provides many unique opportunities. According to Richard Mitsoda of Maduro Dive Fanta-Seas, a leading travel company specializing in scuba diving vacations, Curacao provides a great value and great experiences. Nowhere else in the world can you dive a tugboat wreck and later that day dive an airplane wreck. Or, if you’re more into the Robinson Caruso-type adventure, a day trip to dive around the desolate volcanic rock called Klein Curacao might be in order. (Source: Top Scuba Diving travel destinations for 2011)

Best Scuba Dive in Curacao
Best Scuba Dive in Curacao

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Discover which spots our readers have selected as Curacao’s best scuba dive sites.

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