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Stichting Uniek Curacao (Foundation Uniek Curacao)

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Creation of Stichting Uniek Curacao (Foundation Uniek Curacao)

Stichting Uniek Curacao (Foundation Uniek Curacao) was created in 1991 as a non for profit organization. The governmental run Curacao Tourism and Development Bureau initiated the Tourism Awareness Program project which culminated in a multimedia presentation entitled Uniek Curacao. The conclusion of the presentations showed that 9% of Curacao attractions were unknown to the island inhabitants and tourism industry and therefore were very unlikely to be advertised to the islands visitors. The impact this study had upon members of the community, tourism industry and local ecologists was considerable. A workgroup was then formed, also carrying the name Uniek Curacao, consisting of the project’s core members and hosts of the tourism industry.

Structure of Uniek Curacao

From its beginnings the foundation Uniek Curacao has grown into an organization that includes directors, full-time and part-time employees and hosts interns every year.  It occupies a building directly on the harbour side at Otrabanda. Uniek Curacao has recently broadened its focus from promoting the island’s Eco treasures to tourists to one of making the same activities available to the entire Curacao community.

Mission of Uniek Curacao

The organization’s goal is to maintain and improve the physical and social environment of the island and secure the livability of Curacao for both locals and visitors. Uniek Curacao’s mission is to promote the island of Curacao in the most ecological and sustainable way. With Curacao’s ideal weather, cruises and tourism are at their best in this Caribbean island. Stichting Uniek Curacao sees eco tourism as a responsible way to showcase the island’s culture, history and nature in the best possible way. The foundation motto is “konose bo isla”, which translates from the local language of papiamentu into “know your island”. Uniek Curacao also acts as a resource center for many local associations. Island authorities, local trainees, students, and the unemployed can make good use of Uniek Curacao’s considerable archives and resources. The organization’s materials are available at no cost to people who are involved in any aspect of the responsible promotion of the island’s ecology or culture.

Involvement with Curacao Actief

In 2004 Foundation Uniek Curacao was one of the founding partners of Curacao Actief. Curacao Actief has for mission to improve the marketing abroad of Curacao’s hidden treasures. Curacao-Actief advertises itself as one of the Caribbean’s top friendly adventure tour operators. Their tours includes eco jeep tours, island tours, snorkel tours  and beach tours. If your interest is uniquely to hire a car, you should use our car rental comparison tool.

Contact information for Uniek Curacao

Email address: [email protected] 

Telephone: +5999 462 8989



Contact information for Curacao Actief

Email address: [email protected] 

Telephone: + 5999 433 8858


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